Making time for myself

Lately I’ve been feeling like theres not enough hours in the day, and instead of taking responsibility for that, I’ve been blaming other commitments in my life.

I’ve come to realise that this is such a selfish way of looking at things…Of course I need to work for a living, of course I need to do a weekly shop, of course I need to sit down in front of the couch and catch up on Eastenders…I’ve come to realise that only some of this is true!

Yes, my job does take up most of my time in the week, but I enjoy it, and it earns my family and I a living. Do I wish I worked less? Yes of course, we’d all love to find that job where we can hang out all day, take leisurely walks, treat ourselves to coffee mornings and spa days (I still live in hope) but at the end of the day, I work hard and I live a good life.

The one thing I have learnt over the past few weeks is that I need to manage my free time more effectively, prioritise time for myself and my family, and plan what time I do have left to see my friends, clean the house, wander around town shopping for cute stuff, etc

So here’s my top tips to finding more time in your day for the more important things in life…

  • Give up that screen time. If you watch a lot of TV, make a strong decision and give up some of your programmes. Most programmes are at least 30 minutes long, over a week that’s already 2 and a half hours, just for one programme…if you work over 45 hours a week, thats some serious time for yourself.
  • Wake up an hour earlier (or more) each day . I know this may sound simple, and wouldn’t we all want an extra hour in bed?! But since I’ve started waking up almost 2 hours earlier each day, I’ve been able to take up some new hobbies and start the day right and un-rushed and centre myself ready to attack the day!
  • Shop Online. My fiance works nights, and so the only time we get to see each other is the weekend, and when I already have to work for part of the day on Saturday, I really hated the though of us having to spend our quality time at the supermarket! Most supermarkets offer a delivery service and some even let you use your points to spend on delivery, so it won’t cost you loads more, and will save you time and petrol money!
  • Plan, plan, plan. I’ve always loved stationary to organise with, however have never been great at using it! So theres now a His and Hers calendar on the back of the cereal cupboard door in the kitchen, so its the first thing I look at each day. I’ve written down as much as I can, including my working hours, our times when we’re each taking part in our hobbies, and also friends plans, so I can work my time to fit everything in.

I’m sure there are many more things that can help save you time, but these are a few things that I’ve done just in the past few weeks and I’m feeling better for it already!

Photo; By myself, a gorgeous diamond encrusted Piaget watch I came across at one of my favourite jewellery stores in Nassau, Bahamas…Only $90,000…bargain!